Creating a Spring controller


Note: this sub-generator is much simpler than the entity sub-generator that creates full CRUD entities

This sub-generator generates a Spring MVC REST Controller. It is also able to create simple REST methods.

In order to generate a “Foo” Spring MVC REST controller, just type:

jhipster spring-controller Foo

The sub-generator will ask you which method you want to generate: just answer the method name and the HTTP verb you want to use, and a simple method will be generated.

Can we document this Spring MVC REST Controller with Swagger?

Yes! In fact it’s already done! In dev mode, just use the Administration > API menu to access Swagger UI and start using the generated controller.

Can we add security to Spring MVC REST Controllers?

Yes! Just add Spring Security’s @Secured annotation on your class or on your methods, and use the provided AuthoritiesConstants class to restrict access to specific user authorities.

Can we monitor Spring MVC REST Controllers?

Yes! Just add Metrics’ @Timed annotations on the methods you want to monitor.

Can we proxy it from our Microservice Gateway dev server?

Yes! By adding the servicename to the context of the proxy in webpack/

module.exports = (options) => webpackMerge(commonConfig({ env: ENV }), {
    devtool: 'eval-source-map',
    devServer: {
        contentBase: './target/www',
        proxy: [{
            context: [
                /* jhipster-needle-add-entity-to-webpack - JHipster will add entity api paths here */